Bira | moon
one revolution ago we met under a super pink moon         i
stepped out from the shadows        my face tilted back to soak up
the light        a crisp silhouette of a night            my world slept
deep toward that transition-time slipping from one fierce day to
the next

zoom-video kicks in before audio             our bodies glitch through
time zones           my eyes bright            you arrive with the sun
and take your first sip of morning tea
we agree on the rising heat and weight of worry       the global
pace is quickening to spin-out all our tomorrows         we
recognise this fight-flight tremor on the verge       feel the
gravitational pull transforming every cell in every living thing our
body        we are running somewhere between dogged resolve
trepidation and fatigue        and like all the grandmothers before
us who created everything from nothing         we know           there
is so much work to do              so much to do                    so
Yes                    we finally say                  let’s think about the moon