~ This song is loosely based on Nicole Smede's PIFL commissioned poem 'Wuri Rising' with Gumea Dharawal interpretations supported by Jacob Morris. 


Djurawalinyang by bulladiri gambi
djurawalinyang garululli
djurawalinyang djilinje 
djurawalinyang djugulung marrumalga
wagamarre djibirnji 
djurawalinyang garululli
Mannaguwan Gugul 
nangari gudjagalali garrawangga bullawilla
we are ngabumurra, ngabu, googjagapa
Gugara kuragia.
Kookaburra Calls
We rise by dying embers
we rise allies
we rise star guided 
we rise wood bowls in hand 
searching for dew 
we rise allies
Red Waratah (and) Bloodwood (tree)
sleeping babes (with) dreams returning
we are mother, grandmother and child 
Kookaburra calls. 




Gugara calls to wake up the sun and herald new beginnings (of the day). This song has inturn awakened my spirit, my connection to ancestry, my muse and my confidence as an artist and songwriter.