Dharawal translations provided by Aunty Jodi Edwards


nhariya bubarawulali there are mountains where I was born

where ancestors welcomed new life 

laid bubs in crisp air 

among fern 

under totem

to keep safe and safekeep 

woodpecker and bat 

soul and spirit


where I was born 

nhariya bubarawulali there are mountains 

that tumble, cascade and roll 

to cliff then stop  

stand proud

before waters 

that rage and lap from far off lands

winds speaking language 

foreign to my tongue 


nhariya bubarawulali there are mountains where I was born

at whose foot I am reborn again 

each sunset I witness

staunch shadows

their protective embrace

constant in moon's dance

as stars swim above our heads 


bubarawulali these mountains 

journey my veins like songlines 

curve over ridge and valley 

blood rivers ocean belly 

in my cavernous chest awake 

they reverberate with ancient songs


ngayagang nhariya wadha bubarawulali I was there where the mountains are 

as a young woman 

I walked creek beds 

growing into motherhood

bub’s heart beating close 

as one

and anothers small hand 

linked in mine 

his gaze at her peak

fire in his spirit


we sit at their foot


in our hearts 

our home 

wadha nhariya bubarawulali where there are mountains