convicts scrounging in the dirt
raising railways, pubs and hospitals
while decimating 40,000 years
Of ancient heritage.
This was the Europeans (‘New Native’)
conviction, survival.
Now fibro-houses make way
for factory built bricks,
being bought by the needless
for investment, for some betterment.
While decimating the homes
of the downtrodden, struggling.
This is the ‘New Natives’
discrimination, capital.
pushed back to the beginning.
Time reset, out of sight,
out of mind in the dirt.
Once again left scrounging
in asbestos painted fake-colonnades,
to blanket them in the
run-off from their homes.
Now gentry-fired up on its fumes.
All ablaze with disappearing history.
Migrant hands that built the country
pushed to the side. Only,
dirty hands all look the same.
(Convict conviction on migrant addiction)
Origins disappear, struggles find commonality.
Pushing together the countries
that economized, multi-culturalised.
Spoken words, graffiti streets,
still ringing with history
on Western Sydney’s streets.
Creating 40,000 years of culture
out of disappearance,
and torn down,

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Nova Brown Longhurst reads 'House no. 208'