black man white world

black girl makes a stand  

unpaid bills leads 

to black out leaves 

us powerless 

timeless land timeless culture 

is hourless 

but it has taken a while 

for blacks and whites to reconcile

together we can walk that mile

cause we are all -

from the same race


racism equals ragism 

copyright to plagiarism 

it doesn't matter, Parramatta

how can you say ALL LIVES MATTER!

unapproved occupants real estates 

the modern day Captain Cooks 

the crookes 

but when you call them out 

they play sooks


don't tell us we don't know 

cause you read your history books -

tell us we were first as our dreamtime stories does

fourth, fifth generation 

white daddy black mummy 

means we all cuz

past relations are sour but united 

we have more power


together we can walk that mile