Stephen Oliver—Australasian poet/voice artist and author of 21 volumes of poetry. Lived in Australia
for 20 years. Currently NZ. Travelled extensively. Signed on with the radio ship The Voice of Peace 1540 kHz broadcasting in the Mediterranean out of Jaffa, Israel in the late 70s. Poems translated into German, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. A long time contributor of prose and poetry to Antipodes: A Global Journal of Australian/New Zealand Literature.

Represented in the following: Writing To The Wire Anthology, edited by Dan Disney and Kit Kelen, University of Western Australia Publishing, 2016; The Australian Prose Poem Anthology, edited by Cassandra Atherton and Paul Hetherington, Melbourne University Press (2020).His latest poetry volumes: Heroides / 15 Sonnets, Puriri Press, Auckland 2020; The Song Of Globule / 80 Sonnets, Greywacke Press, Canberra, 2020; and most recently, Unposted, Autumn Leaves / A Memoir In Essays, Greywacke Press, Canberra, 2021.

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The Great Transtasman Link: Ten Australian & NZ poets. Written & narrated by Stephen Oliver. Dur: 30 minutes. First broadcast on ABC Radio Helicon, April 29, Sunday 7:30PM, 1990. Original music: Mike Askill. Broadcast Quality.


Stephen Oliver Red Room Radio interview: Tuesday 13, 11.30am, November 2001