Sad mob, down mob, hurt mob, sorry mob
Tired mob, drained mob, used mob, weary mob,
Taken mob, forced mob, lost mob, stolen mob
Teased mob, tormented mob, bullied mob, mocked mob
Refused mob, abused mob, accused mob, unamused mob
Disrespected mob, exploited mob, disjointed mob, disheartened mob
Disillusioned mob, ignored mob, unassured mob, floored mob
Dispossessed mob, unaddressed mob, invaded, underrated, frustrated mob
Persistent mob, resistant mob, defiant mob, survivor mob
We ancient mob, we cultured mob, we proud us mob, proppa loud us mob
We cheeky mob, we laugh us mob, we walk us mob with ancestral mob
They guide us mob, with them spirit mob to remind us mob the truth of mob
We wonderful, beautiful, sensational, incredible
Exceptional, custodial, our ritual traditional
Influential, identifiable, we pivotal to the spiritual
That’s impenetrable, it’s inevitable our ancestral is honourable
Impeccable, cultural, magical, immeasurable
Uncontrollable, unstoppable, unbelievable, unforgettable
Unavoidable, unmistakable, undeniable, uncontainable
Rotational is foundational, the generational, inspirational  
Indestructible, heart Impassable, love so capable made invincible, standing tall for all, never feeling small, heeding ancient call