Theresa Sainty is currently a Senior Indigenous Scholar with UTAS, undertaking a PhD which is a continuation of her decades long research (which began in 1997) as Aboriginal Linguistic Consultant with the palawa kani Language Program.

Theresa has also worked independently as a cultural advisor on several projects with Roar Film, the National Maritime Museum of Australia, Causeway Films (The Nightingale) and the ABC, including developing complementary project-based curriculum resources. Most recently Theresa has undertaken multifaceted projects including cultural interpretation/installations in relation to specific places, and including various collaborations with artists for MONA and MONA FOMA.

In 2023 Theresa was privileged to be invited to be part of an Artist in Residence program Ghost Tunes Australia at the Freemantle Arts Centre in Western Australia. The highlight was a collaborative performance of her poem, commissioned by Red Room Poetry in 2023, (Ningimpi Nungampi Paywuta Manta). The performance was spoken in palawa kani, Nunga, Scotts, Scotts Gaeilic and English.000

She will also take up an Unconformity Aboriginal Artist in Residence in Queenstown, Tasmania from 9 – 25 April 2024.