Walter Kadiki

Walter Kadiki reflects on Poetry Month 2021.

In a land foreign
Here I stand

The uneasiness
And nervousness
Caressing me
With condescending insincerity

The silent
And rapid pounding
Of my heart
The chilling screams in me.
To the naked eardrum
That reign with undue supremacy

In a land foreign
Where sound stand devout
Where revered poets
Of yesteryear
Today and tomorrow
Skilfully chant
The elements of sound into verse

The rhythm
The flow
The intonation
The mysteries
The odes of aching hearts gone by..

Those naked eardrums extravagant

In a land foreign
Here on this platform tonight I stand

A platform forged with spoken words and verse
Where silence is
And a profanity to the spoken word

In a land foreign, here I stand
Excited yet apprehensive
The inquisitive gazes
My invisible
Silent verse!