Dharawal workshop may 2019

Ngaa felt my walar on the bullwool bark 
at the bottom of a gayan oak kundu. 
The kaiyoong ngarawan softly crashing against 
the rocks as the budjaang were quietly yanggum. 

~ from 'Ngaa felt my walar on the bullwool bark' by students from Figtree Public School, Warilla North Public School and Port Kembla Public School

Developed by Gunai poet Kirli Saunders and delivered by Red Room Poetry, Poetry in First Languages (PIFL) celebrates, shares and preserves knowledge of First Nations languages and culture through poetry, music and art.

On May 7 and 8 in partnership with Merrigong Theatre Company and Wollongong Art Gallery, First Nations students from Years 3-11 at Figtree Primary School, Fairy Meadow Demonstration School, Warilla North Public School, Port Kembla Public School, Dapto High school, Figtree High School and Oak Flats High School came together for the Poetry in First Languages, Dharawal programs.

With the guidance of Dharawal based poet and musician, Nicole Smede, and Dharawal based Ngunawal Poet, Ethan Bell, Gundungurra Custodian Aunty Trish and Gumea Dharawal language custodian, Jacob Morris, the students connected to country through language, story and art to create poetry in Dharawal language. These poems were interpreted into artworks and will be performed in the local area at community events. 


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PIFL Dharawal workshops also returned in November 2019 in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, NASCA, and the Art Gallery of NSW.