In the old arcade leaves of late winter in devotional dance.
I hear the adhan and taste goat dripped biriyani
~ Gayatri Nair from 'Artificial Jewellery'

See writers from the Sweatshop collective showcase their poetic voices from the margins of race and/or class.

A Sweatshop in a Red Room is an ongoing collaborative project series between Red Room Poetry and Sweatshop: Literacy Movement both online and in print.

In its second edition, witness six new Sweatshop poets scream feral as, eye out HKs, go dodgy, adlay march, toss on gronks and fully mock-up as they respond to the theme of slang.

For marginalised people, slang is more than just a noun, it is endless alternatives of the often-inaccessible English language, filled with the jargon of a particular class, race or even interest group. At Sweatshop, we believe that good writing gives something new to literature. I’ll be straight up, any cuz, derro or yuppie would be hard done to find something more novel to English literature than slang.

So, kick back within these red walls and witness the threads of poems that these writers have to offer. Eshayz.

~ Winnie Dunn, General Manager, Sweatshop

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