Celebrating poems by women this International Women's Day


In recognition of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women and the poetry they create. Red Room Poetry is proud to host the largest online collection of Australian poetry, showcasing a diverse array of voices.

In 2019, we commissioned 55 women poets to create new poetic works across the spectrum of our projects.
Today, we give our thanks to these remarkable poets, and proudly share a selection of their poems.
Extinction Elegies
Mal de la mer, or I walked the island searching for you’ by Michelle Cahill
A collection titled THE EXTINCTION OF KINDNESS’ by Ali Cobby Eckermann
Poetry in First Languages
Gugagara’djanaba’ by Nicole Smede
Bugiya, Naway, Burradja (Yesterday, today and tomorrow)’ by Lyndsay Urqhart
Gibam Garandalehn (Full Moon)’ by Ellen Van Neerven
calbunyas initiation’ by Kaitlen Wellington
Red Room Poetry Fellowship
O, Australia’ by Jeanine Leane
The lifeguard is taxed’ by Susan Bradley Smith
Initial Impressions of a Pakistani-Australian in London’ by Maryam Azam
Blue Carbon’ by Caitlin Mailing
Hear/Not here’ by Tricia Dearborn
My father’s portrait’ by Sarah Rice
Transitional’ by Jessica L Wilkinson
Punch Lines: Poets Play Duchmap
The Bush’ by Evelyn Araluen
one can look at seeing; one cannot hear hearing’ by Pascalle Burton
Poetry on The Block
Pivot’ by Nikki Gemmel
Our Children’ by Gloria Demillo
New Shoots
In Search of the Meelup Mallee’ by Nandi Chiina
Karri (or, Slow Arrival in Karri Country)’ by Renee Pettitt-Schipp
Poetry Object
Ode to a Wooden Spoon’ Arielle Cottingham
Forever, Flag’ by Claire G Coleman
The Candle’ by Eleanor Jackson
To my tent’ by Jacqui Malins
HOME’ by Sara Saleh
A Sweatshop in a Red Room
Sri Lanka Quietly Fades’ by Christine Shamista
An Act of Charity in Islam’ by Abeny Mayol
Tinder Scheme’ Merynah Khodr

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