A Suite of Poems by 2023 Fellow Charmaine Papertalk Green

Charmaine Bundanon 9.png
Charmaine Bundanon 6.png

Below are a suite of poems from 2023 Red Room Poetry Fellow Charmaine Papertalk Green's project Jugarnu Wangga Migamanmanha (Older woman making talk), which she worked on while in residence at Bundanon, on Wodi Wodi and Yuin Country. Read the full suite of poems, and excerpts from Charmaine's reflection below.

The Red Room Poetry Fellowship provided valuable respite from the daily grind of Western Australian rural life. A space where we Yamaji women have to navigate everyday through the stressful fog of living in the cultural interface where our existence is challenged at every corner. We are strong Yamaji women, but we are exhausted and wanting to write poems and our truths is challenging. So being gently pushed back into the writing world surrounded by forests, fields of wombats and kangaroos in daily bush life conversations came at exactly the right time.

~ 2023 Red Room Poetry Fellow, Charmaine Papertalk Green