Vale Candy Royalle – celebrating the poet, warrior, artist


Hands on a belly of stone
pebbles in her bloodstream
She's fervently dreaming of birthing the sky
birthing the sea

~ Candy Royalle


The sky and sea echo with you. A swell of collective cries for the love you birthed and left us with, for what you created, the communities you care for so deeply and who carry your fire into the future.

Candy Royalle – poet, artist, warrior –  you changed our world a word at a time, gave voice to vulnerabilities, planted seeds of hope in our bellies, excavated truths, and taught us to fight fearlessly with poetry, courage and humility. We honour you on your journey into the next galaxy. Our thoughts are with you, your family, friends and all whose lives you "painted with thunderous story, rattling the air, leaving it never the same again."

You wove so many of the Red Room team together - making irreplaceable connections, mentoring and encouraging young poets to step up into the incredible poet family we have today.

As our Red Room Poetry Fellow we hope to help your legacy continue to shine, supporting the communities you fought for and the projects you dreamed into being.



“Peace, love, respect” 

The Red Room Poetry team