In double mirrors

                true and false

we are frangible

                skin’s visible default

bony anchors

                loosening ligaments

the moment of meiosis.

                How negligibly begun

but no less purposeful

                zygotes, chiasmic.

As slow doors open



too milky a creature

                and sensation newly

deep or shallow

                for an idea of gender

or corpus

                of skin’s plasticity

lain apart

                from congruence

— thin edge

                that clings




no less synonym

                no less lip-service


                her bright head.

The difficulty

                of true and false

of my your myself

                mirror in the skull

finished unfinished.


Who speaks for us

                or the quiet we travel.


                interior pervasive


                strange and hoarse

into true and false

                flayed almost to


                — to be paired



                Vestigial memory

— shoulders

                of clay

or wax and feathers.

                Sometimes kn\ife

sometimes wound.

                Was I changed

in the night

                was I the same

— an inflection

                in thin air. Nothing

of the body

                but is inexact.



                In the morning

censure fleshly

                gazed upon

in the pull back

                lens open

to what is hidden


comely in response

                — exposed

but no less intact.


                a tiny golden key

new found

                or reconstructed

from pauses

                halves in reflection

skinfault begun

                will validate touch

uncover grace

                leave us

pliable permeable open.