Walk 1

We meet at Confucius 

in the South Bank herb 

garden. I sit near a potted 

pomegranate tree, watch 

moorhens moor 

by water features.


One hundred fairy lights entwine 

Moreton Bay Figs near Goodwill 

Bridge, each branch holding 

rising moons.


Walk 2

No two walks are the same. We pass 

climbers at Kangaroo Point cliffs. We walk 

through our designated hour. A ferry arcs 

us back across the river. I get 

my walking badge.


Walk 3

We arrive at Roma Street gardens, rain 

cooling sweat from skin. Water 

dragons tilt heads as we dart 

through rainforest canopies lit 

with ibis. Below, flowers pop purple: 

mauve, lilac, violet, galaxy, presented 

as a birthday cake sculpture at golden 

hour. The parklands are turning 20. 

In this dusked realm I believe 

there’s magic in wishes, spells 

in nature, incantations in walking. 


Walk 4

The Brisbane River folds 

me into mangrove 

worlds. I start to feel 

better. I know this is true, 

because I can finally write 

a poem not sorrow-drowned. For now –

until next full moon, I can see 

the stars.

Anna Jacobson reads 'Instead of Walking Alone I Join a Walking Group'