Dearest P. All sailors get paid at once! Watch them, and you
will see exactly how cash moves (vibrant and dead). Yesterday, on the
back fence, facing the harbour, and washed onto the scratch of the
wall, I threw a system of lines in motor oil. One thing will occasion in
another, and for you and I, it must be that we occasion in the racket.
Remind me to ask CB to tell us about the anarchists in Chicago.
Outworkers sew bombs and viruses into lace collars that the police will
wear. Have you seen how far they want to spread the city west?
Freight in gulls and silverfish. One pound each of pearl barley and
tapioca. Three boxes of safety matches; lettuce hearts; coffee and
chicory. Seed for the canaries. We must breed cats as an alternative to
horse-led militarism. The cats would roam across the Rocks discreetly
and with excellent aim. P, all your graphs and spreadsheets are safe.
Keep them inside, away from the troughs of lime and tallow. (And
watch little Iris, she’s hiding something in the tin buckets, under her
feathers and beadlets!) 

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