I love Romeo
I always love him
He was there
told him not to attack the birds
not to bring the birds inside the house
not to attack the birds but he did
I told him not to go in the road
It’s very very very dangerous
I’m so so so sad
My baby brother
he’s so so so upset now
missing his pussycat
I’ve still got Juliet anyway
We still got Juliet anyway
I’ve still got Juliet
She’s my pussycat
She’s a lovely lovely pussycat and I love her
She’s got orange and white patches
White          and orange patches
Her name is Juliet
Juliet McGuiness
My pussycat name
She’s a good pussycat
meows meows meows
She always get grandma’s attention
She always have hugs
She always hugs sometimes
meows meows
Sometimes she always climbs up things anyway
she      sits down with the plastic bags
she always always     wreck things
middle of the night
I can’t get some sleep
cause she meows in the windowsill
she never ever ever listens to me
no she didn’t
she didn’t listen to me
Meow meow meows
So what do you want
she never listens
Getting attention all the time
and hugs
she’s all alone
cause her brother’s not there
all alone cause her brother’s not there
she miss her brother anyway
Last night
she just miss her brother
Romeo and Juliet
both went in there
moving around
creeping creeping creeping
and she’s fussing around and
running around and running around
she climbs on       climbs on to my arms
her heart’s beating up
it’s a red colour for the heart
a small red heart
My heart’s fine
She always love me
I always love her
all the time
I always mind her
keep her safe at home
sometimes I notice Juliet sometimes
she’s looking looking out of the windowsill
she’s sitting down on the windowsill
she’s staring at the birds
she always watch the birds
she’s worried about the birds
she’s worried about the birds out there
that sound coming out of her mouth
sssss sssss ssss
she’s making a noise about the birds
noise and racket
she attacked the birds
and the lizards
and that sun
it’s like that purple colour
The sun’s going down
with the purple colour
and the sky is orange
dark purple
like a rainbow or something
orange and purple
bright yellow
purple orange and yellow
yellow orange purple and green
bright colours
dark colours
she’s just watching the birds


Catherine McGuiness, 'Falling in Love Romeo', Hand-stitched Wool and Yarn on Tapestry Canvas., 2020

Catherine McGuiness reads 'Romeo and Juliet'