From the woodlands to the Sclerophyll,
Of the Eucalypt Forests I know,
Within the air I can certainly feel,
A benevolence which resembles that of Home.
‘Nganyang Kwoorl Daniel Murray Hansen,
Ngany Yoorl Koorl Ballardong Boodjar
Koolarngwetta Wadjuk Boodjar.’
‘My Name is Daniel Murray Hansen,
I come from Ballardong Country,
Born Wadjuk Country.’
‘Ngany Kooditj Alimagan Ngany,
Dabakan Koorliny Kaada Boodjar.’
‘I think as I
Walk slowly across country.’
‘Ngalak Katitdj Ngalang Maya,
Ngalak Katitdj Ngalang Boodjar.’
‘We know our place,
We know our Land.’
The Kings Land.
The final resting place of the Waargul spirit,
Where the royalty of the Nyoongar people would hold their Corroborees
The most sacred of land.
Where cleanliness is next to Godliness.
And everything is kept spotless 24/7.
Which is why my people have always given the Blessing
of cleanliness to the Boodjar we Respect,
Always leaving our camping spots cleaner than when we entered the area,
Everywhere we declared,
‘Nyanlang Koolark.’
‘Our Home.’

Koolark - Home