floats down river
worries about mud lice
and loss of power

stops in no parking zones 

will recall
a brief encounter
with a Gospel piano 

enters the playground of roofs

yields nothing
to hungry dogs
or startled onlookers

no longer holds
blood orange
and old sausage

bumps into bridges
asks nothing of river bank

mourns broken seals
steals past ships

notes other white goods
on top of cars
at the bottom
of swimming pools

cannot avoid direct sunlight
releases carbon slowly
into surging brown water



born to beer
once dated an esky

hovers over houses
is alarmed by outboard motor

drifts past factories
plays dodgem with bus stops

glides through the drive through
carries no change
does not order
a fudge sundae

bears more than it’s own weight
ferries the last of the sea gulls

wishes for a raincoat
finds a broken umbrella

asks a drowned cat
how many lives?

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