A fashion style to reflect my identity 
Or just a modern necessity 
Do the garments that I wear 
Tell a story that I unknowingly share 
With labels avast...
Nike, Puma and Everlast
Something jumps out in a hidden typecast
"Watch over me, protect us as we sleep, with our eyes wide shut" 
"Live fast, die free" 
What do my clothes say about me ? 
"Hey Ho, Lets Go", "NYC Original", "West Side", "Polyester Girl" 
"Be mindful", "Not Today", "Nanna Judy" and "Jay Jay" 
Worn on the body for warmth and protection
Ironically it’s an expression of sweatshop exploitation   
With origins of Asia, China, India and Bangladesh
Is this overlooked because I'm feeling fresh
As I glance down at my clothes bin 
A familiar T-shirt screams "Greatness comes from within" 
"Don't just chase your dreams, run them down" 
Activewear that can turn up a frown     
Whatever it may be 90 Degree, Nixon or Rusty
My clothes are my own, a reflection of me..
Yet, I ponder the question.. is that all that they be ? 


Dianne is an Emerging poet who participated in Red Room Poetry's MAD Poetry Illawarra workshops in 2020