1. Fighting wars 

They celebrate the warriors fighting wars on the frontline,
While our women nurtured since time in memorial, 
Birthing bodies given over to the next generation.
Milk, created for care and crafts our foundations. 
The young ones suck and sip as the milk drips. 
Women carrying the embodied knowledge of connection.
From our body comes life.
Fully formed.  
We are the keepers of the seed.
Natural born leaders,
With an ability to weave our stories together.
In sync with the seasons, the land and the weather. 
Harnessing a different energy
Through praying and believing 
In the healing arts. 
Start listening to our elder women. 
They know in their heart and eyes
Which time of day to pick the leaves
To leave certain berries on the trees.
To hold knowledge as a key and
Our women hold the key to freedom.
Our women hold the hands and heads of those 
Men who are fighting, this is our way.
Old ways fueled by compassion. 
The red soil lives in our blood. 
Water holds memory of yesterday, 
Dancing trees sway,
Washing pains away,
As the ancestors speak through the waters.
Water holds memories. 
The roaring sea and river systems 
Live within our wombs.
We fight wars with peace and laughter. 
Laughter is the greatest transformer of hate.
The ability to shift our state. 
Our mothers are our heroes,
Our Nan’s cheer us on
And our aunties' faces lit by fire light sing us all the dreaming songs. 

2. Over Stimulated  
Over-stimulated caucasaion population consuming and penetrating the bloodline nations. 
The television stations run ads for consumer temptation and “journalists” blar false information, as a way to depreciate and depress the mind.
What happened to information rather than coercion.
Propaganda poisoning our waters. 
Lost time each day, creation fades away, as the majority slave to pay for yesterday.
The monetary system is fabricated, the rich get richer through inflation. 
Majority of the nation suffers from inflammation of the gut and brain because the “food” used to sustain us has lost all its nutrients. 
Without any hesitation society accepts gene mutation as a way to feed the next generation of boys and girls. 
Media states technology will save the world.
Sci-fi reality. 
The vibration of the earth is muted, as the radiation from the towers that emit frequencies disrupt the polintating journey of our planet’s bees.  
Backward nation.
Body fills with aggravation and frustration, looking to castrate those who have decided the fate of millions. 
The earth is dehydrated. 
Fish fade as they attempt to play in the plastic rivers. 
Catastrophic mass extinction. 
Walking contradictions as were all trapped in a system.
Those who challenge the system, imprisoned. 
Ochre painted, black nakedness dances on the land to lift vibrations.
Natural world is signaling to us that mycelium can be a solution.
Along with - 
Please just let mother nature be. 
She cries to stop the destruction. 
To wake up to the fake connection. 
This imposed system amputated millions from spirit.
Revisiting the ancients wisdom. 
Returning to the queendom. 

3. Domesticated 

The undomesticated mind can find the answer to a state of 
being that the natural world is in need of. 
Return the child to their natural place as a teacher, 
to nurture their creative wisdom.
Born within all of us, the wild one. 
Let our body lead, the mind's complexity has done enough.
Feel the world as it dances and you dance it. 
Simplicity calmly swaying inside of each of our souls.
Can you feel your body? 
A system, a machine-like system that has domesticated our children’s minds. 
A nation of small genius forced to be indoctrinated. 
Stealing our states of deep consciousness
And throwing them on the classroom floor. 
The door barn swings open. 
The classroom door swings open.
School or cattle station.
Breaking in the young mammals to be obedient.
Taking babies from their mothers side by morning light.  
Frightened nervous systems break beings' trust in their intuition.  
Enclosed spaces, limited sunlight hours. 
Purposeful tasks are asked of them and if they refuse,
Punishment is used to make them know who is boss.
The schooling system holds our kids hostage 
to table and chair, to stare at the inside of a room.
Removing them from nature and removing their ability to choose
Then rewarding them for memorising the teachers information.
Giving them assignments, regurgitating statements.  
Punishments placed upon those who are not obedient. 
Crime and punishment.
Western Schooling. 
Kids or Cows? 

Ella Bancroft reads 'Fighting wars'