Ella Noah Bancroft a descendent of the peoples of the Bundjalung nation and has bloodlines to England, Poland and Scotland.

Indigenous change-maker, artist, storyteller, mentor and founder of “The Returning” and Yhi Collective, Ella Noah Bancroft is active advocate for The Decolonisation movement.

Through her writing and work Ella has been promoting re-wilding, the rise of the female energy, as a way back to deep relationship with nature and decolonization of personal, social and ecological well-being for 10 years.

Ella writes about the old ways, her connection to country and culture and how she sees the polarised world she lives in today.

She is widely respected amongst her community and believes in local communities with local economies as a way to find hope for the health of our planet and people.“Women are the backbone to our society, and healthy mothers who are healers create healthy communities of humans who care.” -Ella Noah Bancroft

A current theme she has been exploring in her current world is “It takes courage to tell the truth”, the title of her podcast and first published book.

She is currently on the board for Women Up North. Women Up North is a Northern NSW service for women, children and young people who have experienced domestic or family violence or abuse.