Bert and Ernie were loved by a family in life
But when they died it hurt their hearts like a knife
But you need not feeling sorry for them after all
They’re now in a much more happier world if I recall

The Spirit World is a magically enchanting location
Where the spirits would go as if you were in a meditation
The colours up there are so real for me and you
As there are many like green pink yellow and blue 

To enter a place where it’s safe for everyone
Bert and Ernie had an important job that must be done
They were tasked with guarding the souls of the recently deceased
To find happiness and peace


‘Come with us to this place
It will bring tears of joy to you face’

‘There’s no need to be afraid
This place is where good dreams are made’

At one point as a reluctant spirit asked
What’s there to be afraid of next
The dogs paws pointed towards a dangerous swirling vortex

‘How did I get here?
Is there something I should fear?’

They warned him of a place of no return
Something horrible that would make his heart burn


It was the entrance to the Sinister Gateway!
Where those unfortunate to go there are doomed to stay

Luckily Bert and Ernie whose hearts are brave
Guided this spirit safely from his grave!

When the dogs brought the spirit to the Spirit World without delay
His heart was so grateful that day

Regardless of how bright their bodies glow
Bert and Ernie will always be happy together for all I know


“How two dogs loved by a family in life
are now the guardians of the spirit world
guiding the newly deceased to a happier place
and avoiding the swirling vortex of eternal darkness”

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Greg Sindel, 'Dogs of the Spirit World' Digital Illustration, 2020