Five things I have learnt about the earth in the middle of worldly chaos


The ocean is the best place to be humbled and reminded of how even the calmest things can be dangerous in the most beautiful way.

Earth is the same colour as my first love’s eyes and whenever I miss him I find a space with pure sand and dig my feet so I know what it’s like to step into a dream.

My ancestor’s voices are captured in the winds and whenever there is a storm I know there is screaming and a cry will always follow.

My love for empty rooms started when I realised that nature is never really empty but just an open space for art to exist

Earth has humanity in its roots so whenever we forget to feed it, water it or listen. The sky turns grey, the wind howls and the grounds seem uneven.


I run to the ocean to be humbled by its size and be comforted by the sound of the waves 


Listen to the air whisper songs by my ancestors. And there I find a moment of peace.


We infect, drain and carelessly use this earth.  as it continues to feed our humanity, centre us and remind us of what is important


 it gives, even at the expenses of itself


We have been consumed with taking and forgetting that balance is who you feel grounded.


If you continue to beat into the grounds and not water them. It's death will be on our hands.