30in30 daily poetry commissions

Every day across Poetry Month 2022, 30in30 delivers new original text/video poems, poet reflections and writing prompts from some of the country’s leading poets, authors, and spoken word artists.

30in30 is the centrepiece of Poetry Month in regards to new work from across the country. In 2022, we featured original commissions from our Poetry and Youth Ambassadors, our Red Room Poetry Fellow Scott-Patrick Mitchell, the 2022 City of Sydney Poets in Residence Dan Hogan and Mohammad Awad, collaborative poems from Fair Trade, and new lines from the likes of Maria Tumarkin, Stephen Edgar, Jazz Money, Eloise Grills, Elfie Shiosaki, Damon Young, Gavin Yuan Gao, Huda the Goddess and more.

#30in30 daily poetry competition

In 2022, we continued our daily poetry competition, releasing a new daily writing prompt created by one of our 30in30 commissioned artists across the month of August. Entrants had 24 hours to compose a poetic response comprising of no more than three lines and post on social media.

Check out the incredible poems penned by our 3 overall winners in 2022: