Tackling waves,

Tussle, wrestle Mother Nature, 

Floating on ocean's surface

To defy gods gravity,


My younger self 

Once worshiped wild oceans,


Now I tiptoe over sea shells,

Fear the claws of a crab 

I have inconvenienced,

Cower in the chaos 

beneath the lips

Of a wave,


White foam residue,

Wash over

Residual trauma,

The sea is the reflection of the sky

Without the stars,


Why venture into the ocean so late at night?


I was hoping to find love- or its understudy,


Now wave crashes feels as 

Crushing weight on the body,

Physical restraint of a body,

Every sand grain 



feels unconsenting,


Disconcerting yet



death by a thousand shards 

of sharpened sea salt,

Crystallising on old scabs,

Trauma in relapse-

Permanent salt in the wound,


Never noticed the suns scorch,

How it peels off the skin,

Jarring to the kisses 

it once provided, warmth