You wish you were less

                                           “skin and bone”


I’ve never seen skin

So close to silk.


So prone to sunlight,

            Turning caramel

                        From sin,



                                    I want to be the delicacy you desire.


The morning breakfast            you devour,

Crush me as cloves

For my aroma feels as flowers,

Drown me in morning glow,

Honeydew to satiate your sours,


Indulge in what you please

Just promise


to give Love-


            to give Love back.


                        Give Love a hand

                        or two,

                        Not give Love backhands

                        and turned backs.

                        Split truths

                        And spit lube,


Give me a

Love    like lotion.


I mean

Like     Love potions


that smell like the sea,

Why would I be anywhere else

When you feel- foam soft

and smell like the beach?

When you look like God

And feel like peace,