a range of mountains

forests of protein

south easterly winds

capillaries of waterways

in flow

every day



surface area to volume ratio

a fingerprint

a supernova

the roundness of a planet


infinity beetles

haze in the late afternoon

leaf litter

dunes of wrinkles

small saltwater lakes

cells of sunshine and stories

ecosystems of microbes and memories

keratin and dentine and millions of mistakes

a broad branching tree of life

ancestors, descendants

supermarket attendance

harm and care

relationship repair

a beating magma core

iron rich red and pulsing

sandstone bones

in ridges that flex muscles

clothed in skin and winter provisions


moon cycle




lay out ingredients in the mystery of existence.  preheat the universe.  take some hydrogen, form it into stars and stir into galaxies.  some stars will explode.  mix the stardust, knead and mould into planets, warm in starlight. pour water from the skies, let it stand and soak salt from the stones.  curl some chemicals into small spirals.  bodies will start to form.  let them breathe. a complex interrelated web of life will develop over time. pinch a tiny porous portion into a poem, serve it in space-time, give it my name.