Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM) is a non-binary poet (pronouns: they/he) who lives and writes on Whadjuk Noongar Land. Their key values as a poet and member of the writing community include nurturing, inspiring and mentoring emerging poets of all ages plus creating safe spaces for LGBTIQA+ community and spoken word. SPM’s work appears in Contemporary Australian Poetry, The Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry, Solid Air, Stories of Perth and Going Postal.

In 2019, SPM won Coal Creek’s Literary Award for Poetry, The Creative Connections Poetry Prize, Melbourne Poets Union’s Martin Downey Urban Realist Poetry Award and The Wollongong Short Story Prize.

Most recently, in 2020, SPM was shortlisted for The International Googie Goer Prize for Speculative Prose, The 2020 Red Room Poetry Fellowship, The Martha Richardson Poetry Award and KSP’s Short Story Prize. They also came second in both the 2020 Alice Sinclair Memorial Writing Competition and The Poetica Christi Prize.

Over the past two years, SPM has worked as the Manager of WA Poets Inc’s Emerging Poet Program, in which SPM has overseen the growth and development of a group of 8 emerging West Australian poets. The program contained both a workshop and mentorship stream and was such a success that two of the emerging poets published poetry collections in 2020. SPM also edited the Emerging Poets Program anthology, Becoming Known, which was published in late 2020.