surrender. give in. have faith that jumping,
submission first, will yield results: how

else can a fledgling be expected to leave a
nest? disappointment is grounding. success

is callus: you must catch every failure &
then let them go. from this process, learn to

treasure the shape of being victorious. bow
like a cello with a note reverberating in its

throat: this universe is the hand guiding you
to resonate. orchestrate conquest, not over

others, but the enemies within: doubt; doubt;
doubt. do not doubt yourself. see how, even

just then, it begets itself? there are those who
can assist you, bend twigs like mother bird

catches worm to dangle. achievement is
growing feathers: it happens, with time.

soon you too will have a cap full of plumes,
a head filled with wings, a horizon to fly into.