Come, sit. Reflect. See yourself in this. You have travelled over 14,500 km's to reach this point. The world is not upside down. Nor is your life. It is just as it should be. Spinning: on axis; in love; out. You have travelled a lifetime to be here, in this place. How you have changed over 11,300 days. Yet still you hold on to that kernel of youthful wonder. As you should. City, expand. Grow into urban plans. Just as the trees lean in to breeze to fill the space their roots should be. You, like them, are a machine fuelled on green. Spirit sits down beside you. If you had known you were expecting company, you’d have given up feeling so damn lonely. There is still time. Relinquish all feelings of living a life isolated. It isn’t. You aren’t. There are others here, speaking as if inside a Nandi Chinna poem. The future keeps saying hello, introducing itself. Because you are connected: in moment; in monument; in motion meant to never let go. The past is just a calculation. Of the numerical, of memory. Just as tomorrow is an equation. How things arrive when they should. The numbers say, sew. As do seeds that grow into a park upon a hill that bring you into yourself: home. Out there is the entire wide world. And you, within it all.