i am saying to you
                                    words i say to myself
                                    words i feel you need to hear
                                                                        remember that you
                                                                        are vital & important
                                                                        your voice gives
                                                                        the world
                        carry a sun in your mouth
                        so when you speak to others
                        they are warmed
                                                            hold a moon in your ears
                                                            so when you listen
                                                            others can see a soft path
                                                            shining toward your most tender parts
                                    when you fall in love
                                    – aye, & you will –
                                    install stars in your eyes
                                    so your lover can navigate
                                    into your heart
                                                                        know that you may be lonely
                                                                        but you are never
                                                                        alone – we are here for you
                                                know that you are only one
                                                but many
                                                we be, gathering
                        as you wish to be
                        spoken to: yes, unfortunately this includes how you would speak to
                                            but remember that even a shout can be compassionate
                                                            systems can be changed
                                                            but we’ll have to get
                                                            hands familiar with control, estranged
                                                & then inspire
                                                further &
                                                further &
                                                                                    know that flags
                                                                                    are merely a form of control
                                                                                    instead be the gush of air
                                                                                    that holds
                                                                                    or makes them fall
                                                that, without you,
                                                there is only space
                                                aching, empty
                                                rushing lament
                                                                        that you are born
                                                                        with riot in your blood:
                                                                        after all
                                                                        you came into this world
                                                                        screaming, a kick
                                                                        in your throat, protesting,
                                                                        so why stop at birth
                                    that yes, this takes energy,
                                    but so does lying down
                                    to do nothing:
                                    a heart still beats,
                                    breathing circuitry must still complete
                                                that love
                                                has soft hands
                                                & a raised fist
                                                can be gentle
                                                                                    that a megaphone
                                                                                    can be borrowed
                                                                                    & returned
                                                            that self-care
                                                            can be learnt
                                                                        that having zeal
                                                                        has value
                                                                        that the struggle is feeling
                                                                        & feel
                        that this – an us full of love – this is how we heal