If everything is a poem,
how do we even know
what other things are?
~ Vidya Rajan from 'What Is Poem'

Line Break weekly online show for all things Poetry Month

Curious about what's going down in August? Let Anne-Marie Te Whiu and David Stavanger be your guides through the inaugural Poetry Month with this weekly online poetry variety show designed to keep you in the loop!

Tune in weekly on Tuesdays during August to catch previews from feature poets, publishers, spoken word artists, and musicians; and regular segments including:

  • What is Poem with Vidya Rajan
  • Book Brief short poetic reviews
  • 5 Minutes With… an Australian poetry publisher and giveaways

How to tune in

Get your poetry mainlined each Tuesday at 7pm AEST on 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 August
Live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube

Line Break features the likes of Declan Fry, Eleanor Jackson, Grace Lucas-Pennington, Winnie Dunn, and Dženana Vucic (Book Briefs); Sista Zai Zanda, Dan Hogan, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Danny Silva Soberano, Loki Liddle, and Candy Royalle/Sara Saleh (Spoken Word); Tom Hogan, Emily Lubitz, Hope One, and Tom Cooney (Music); and readings by Elfie Shiosaki, Hassan Al Nawwab, Emily Sun, Ella O’Keefe, Lucy Van, Em Konig, Toby Fitch, Eunice Andrada, Jennifer Compton, Damen O’Brien, Jerzy Beaumont and more.


'What Is Poem' is an original commissioned series by poet and comedian Vidya Rajan that takes a fresh look at poetry through a satirical lens as part of Poetry Month 2021.

Spoken word

Spoken Word is a key part of contemporary poetry, so we commissioned these original pieces for Line Break as part of Poetry Month 2021.

Loki Liddle performs 'Elder'

Tom Hogan performs 'Wildflower'

Sista Zai Zanda performs her poem

Danny Silva Soberano performs 'Love Poem'