Tom Hogan lives and works on Gadigal land, Sydney. His music takes cues from literature and other storytelling traditions, recasting lost narratives to find new truths. Working across music and radio art, as well as writing and performance, his work explores authenticity and mythology through comedy, and storytelling.

Previously, Hogan has released several ambient and noise records, which arose from deep listening encounters with other musicians. Known for his charismatic and mercurial live performances, Hogan is also an acclaimed theatremaker, podcast producer and composer whose work has been featured in galleries and art festivals around the world.

His video work The Kalevala (According To Scott Sandwich) has been featured in galleries across Finland, Norway, Sweden, Benin, Spain, and Lithuania. He developed the shows Tamagotchi Reset & Other Doomsdays (2017) and The Epic (2015) with Finn O’Branagain, and collaborated with Melbourne artist Bonnie Leigh-Dodds on Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer) alongside the accompanying podcast Missing Richard Mercer. He created the podcasts Obscure Music History, and Polish Club's Sophomore Slump, and the music lecture series Teacher of the Year. He began releasing new music in 2021 with the singles True Enough and A Night In A Hotel, and is currently developing the tragicomedy musical about the Burke & Wills expedition, Mount Hopeless, with musician Elana Stone. He previously made written and performance work under the moniker of Scott Sandwich.