Co-authoured by Jacob Morris, Ethan Bell and Adrian Webster
~ with Gumea Dharawal interpretations by Adrian and Jacob. 


Walanēri Warūnga Banggliga
Walanja Walanja Walanja
Djedjembēn Walanēri Warūnga
Walanja Walanja Walanja
Gūgarra Djedjembēn Nadaji
Mah Mah Mah
Yallumba Būrajāh Banggliga
Children swimming in the Shoalhaven River
Swim swim swim
Children laughing, playing
Swim swim swim
Come Kookaburra laughing
Quick quick quick
Come back to Shoalhaven River tomorrow


Listen to students recite this poem at the Poetry in First Languages Gumea Dharawal workshop. Recorded by Alan Giddy, 2019.
Play recording >