a live chicken to hold

the forest along the road


yellow stars on the chest

discarded objects of the desperate


three policemen looking at me

three days and three nights on folding chairs


baked beans served in sardine tins

washing at a tap beside the latrines


a girl I knew lying in excrement

a German soldier with my name in his mouth


speech after speech

hurling potatoes at police


standing up to be counted

gigantic shadows of the people


a young woman with long blonde hair, her son beside

the feel of my mother and sisters in the one bed


mother’s letter, I push through wooden slats onto the platform

mother’s cushion – I still have this – with geese on it


pink bottle of dentifrice

papiere, papiere! et un hasard extraordinaire


wheels on a country road

and people stare at us from behind barbed wire








With text borrowed from:

Mora, Mirka (2000) Wicked But Virtuous: My Life, Ringwood: Viking

Mora, Mirka & Blackman, Barbara (n.d.) Mirka Mora interviewed by Barbara Blackman [sound recording]  <https://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-196240102>