a. Find heart, and place hand upon it. b. Time

to metronome beat. c. Empty above of all

things earthly. d. Fill with compassion. e. Sleep. f.

Remove heart while comatose, and g. wrap

in secondary skin. h. Attend to uncontrolled  


weeping. i. Inject with childhood whims. j.

Apply usual pressures. k. Induce another few

beats. l. Install restraints against sudden death

flights of fancy and similar feats. m. Dream

the dream of green things rising through cracks  


in the heart’s veneer. n. Stir slightly. o. Open

one valve. p. Put back to sleep again. q. Attach

block and tackle for (possible) messy escape.

r. Invite intelligence in. s. Stitch up anything

that gapes. t. Arrange wordly affairs in good  


order, alphabetically and from one to ten. u.

Inform media of intentions. v. Alert next-of-kin.

w. Insert telegraph pole for long-distance out

- of-town friends. x. Put heart back in. y. Press

All Systems Go. z. Let your black ravens sing.