It's Tradition

on our mission

here on Silver City Aborigine Reserve

in Anaiwan

Armidale ghooten 


it's a tradition

for our jarjum 

for they do deserve


from a long time ago

we were made the first people

with wajaarr 

for gunganbu 


from a time and place

from our Aborigine

ancestors birthing


for now our jarjums

is our gift of gunganbu 


we talk the talk

we walk the walk


we sing the songs

we dance the dance

for our jarjums

ceremonies of belonging


in the past, present and future

at ceremonies

we would sing and dance


giving our jarjums

a future to prepare

that same chance


for now they will carry

our voices with feelings

in the ceremonies


has singers and dancers

then the ceremonies

will never disappear


with our old fellas Aborigines

spiritual connection, identities

they will always be near


just like before

back in the time

dancing like the animals

that will appear


dancing like

a noongha

like the birri-birri too


that's moving about

on the lands


with the spiritual growth

of a ceremony

the animal's dance

has been found


always was and always will be

a traditional dance

in ceremonies


with our jarjums sounds

of laughter and giggling with fun

this will bring happiness of tears


their feeling of pride

carrying their proudness on

side by side


dancing around

in the dust and sand

with their little hands and feet

dancing on the ground


with the ochre painted

on their skin

wearing it like

a dawaandi 

that paints

the thousand words


with a dijeridoo blowing

music in the sky

vibrating on wajaarr 



are beating beautifully

enchanting sweet sounds


like the spirit wind

that's lightly moving

all around


bringing the sound's to life

into our mookoo 

and our miili 


with the tongue that speak

and the hands that talk

with their little feet dancing

all over the ground


this bring the sound

to the ones

who can not hear

singing it and feeling it

through their miili 


we dance and sing

with the ones

that cannot see

giving sounds

that's traveling through

their mookoo 

giving feeling

dancing inside


dancing with their

hands and feet

the smell of ceremony

is in the air

is a belonging

to our ceremony

a ceremony to share


with this special performances

that we prepared

for our jarjum 

with a disability


is a ceremony

they will carry it on

a traditional tradition

within their care.




English Translations 


Narrjarrwinni - Hello 

Giinagay - Hello 

Yawayi - Hello 

ghooten - Country

jarjum - children

wajaarr  - earth

gunganbu -  living

noongha - kangaroo

birri-birri - echidna 

dawaandi - picture

dijeridoo - blowing

wajaarr - earth

babaarr - clapsticks 

mookoo - ears

miili - eyes

Kerry Bulloojeeno Archibald Moran reads 'Our Responsibility'