tracking in a studio on the
northern beaches you know
that guerilla tactics have to
start here before the drummer
buries the click before you
begin layering vocals like
those cars backed up across
the spit bridge because even
now some things still offer
glimpses of prosperity for
example the water viewing
itself through the lens of a
developer or yachts nudging
one another with the wind’s
optimism much later kids will
kick a gatorade bottle along the
platform at glenfield station
and you will wonder whether
it’s worth concentrating on how
to play pocket because when
you are there caught between
the ocean and the cul-de-sac the
levels are peaking and you are
gripping irony’s hard wheel and
somebody keeps asking whether
this is the jesus talk or the money
talk you know of course that you
should respond with your best life
pitch-perfect on a churning sea.

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