1. Max is happy, smiling, eyes pop up, tilts his head, wagging his tail.
  2. Kangaroos bouncing around the dessert happy seeing other kangaroos.
  3. Max, mindfulness, meet dogs, marvelous, mad, male mean, mental.
  4. Max is a male dog who likes to eat meat. He goes a bit mental when he goes for walks.
  5. "Max loves to Eat" one day Lauren walked max in a park. Max saw some meat at the park and Lauren said. "no max don't eat it" but max didn't listen to Lauren. And then he seemed to be unhappy. Because he wanted some meat. So we walked back home and I gave him the meat to chew on then he suddenly became happy again.
  6. Max is sometimes goes a bit mad when there's food around anywhere.
  7. Max's bad day, bad dreams - about an angry dog, angry not getting food and biting.
  8. Max wishes - to go to the beach to play.
  9. Likes - chasing with me.

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Lauren Kerjan, 'Max', Digital Photo Manipulation, 2020