Appear was always a touch seeing things
Were there one disappearing, came from what was real.
Magic give disappearing acts to appear.
For thousands of living next now one peoples disappearing,
but next to it the air seem
the same so appear was shining in the eyes faces to never forgotten.
We cannot define disappearing life as appearing in the present.
One week before the 250 years now of human intake
We had held as living sharing day to night till disappearing lifeless faces came.
Now under the town city concretes we exist still
no disappearing tongues cut forked to suits
Giant pains dust rust bloods hold transform for no oppression
Grandfathers had a house to care hunt share even love before the disappear came
Natural world change and as rights to disappear and appear whenever it wants to,
Resources are kept at times to get away from people’s truth
So were no peoples are landscapes are a people.
Many evoke a story of fire by paint in burned hiding fly star images
Coming out to give years later present age over lost causes,

Compose us a real disappearing
Crimes to what law if not written
Our display seen drawing shows words beyond the meaning by those seekers
Nothing gains without the rain
Educating those wants to learn covers no lose for smell observes artworks and responses.
A place was no place in a space first,
A misplacement are tube of past excerpts disappearing in a digital task off literacy
commissioned by those readers clips
Disturbed time flourish in all fragile lifes dead yet free throats mouths we to lip beneath
the ever livings
Build again our houses before the disappearing white man sentence us.
Decadence must sing sorrowful vanishing as if sign no homeless
Emptiness always have positive to find cos the worlds full of spinifex evenings
Interuption zones are ones cos disappearing birth to relive.

Blank banks sum depth to answer ignorance so citys can erased connection.
Then voids trace your astonished wanting direction were endangered invisible are
taking edge off twin boundary thorned by newly desire historians practice memories.
The encountered examples are used to give identifying audiences loss yet awaken
pacing symbols
Appropriation of our countries no matter are a text biography exploding more forms of
loss themes sitting on sites so generated.
These days never find a loss disappearing Aborigines concepts.

Reappearing ghost give all colours in natures circle assembly all those rivers seas link
creative arrangements
Where are the first Australians teacher now are they disappointed for unpredictable
Where are those conversations test switch respects now
Into change insecurity to explode rebel selves.
Bubbles constrain repetition rhythm experiment walk the dead pulsing oblivion solid
individual community fights
Compressed layer language give different activity but the tails original effects all emerge shapes.
Morning disinhaling came falling as night saw imagined  
places twin when names gave reserved
Tomorrow wrong parts are drafts for list being foundationed.
Lock the lost so unlocked network anthology can unite
No compare when our people fragmented this world.
No chosen inspired pre-writings can stop the painter dance stories
No, she believes thoughts are fought for foods to contribute
Material come and go, their core is purposes to give company
Contemporary classrooms are programs greatest barriers
Major disadvantaged communities are section disappearing
Our project will give expectative experiences to overcome fears
The areas are appearing where disappear happens now profit fits many enlived
Thousand fires can’t disappear just like that to this fact

Cultural forever move the blind, poetry is kind.
Ship the ones back cos the losing vanish loves must grow
Ship the expire disparaiss back to where they come from hey
Vacate perish retreats as if depart evil skyscraping our sky clouds
First recorded figurative was and are us receded natives
I withdraw lone personal exist for peoples sense of pride
Let say dictionary’s are melt evaporated and pass away with the now definition

 uncovered experiences.
Consider never give futures vanish feeling on tongues ear bodies of our childrens upgrowth.
The power of disappearing happened by war and not caring who is who.

We close eyes but our ear seek handsome looks.
Gone are the things that was now we make up indication along the road of lights
Forgetting me not forgive them not
Tunnel all perceptible war darkened faces
Sailing words in waters not appear, gave us the need to cross pilot  
once upon a bay wave lost the clothes we missed,
Cast away the lie that makes all lazy loss for the servant one day be masters.
Fumble polished quiet voices have noticed to silence to forever be  
extremely arriving all humans a beginning. Go yo.

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Lionel Fogarty reads 'Appearance Shadows'