Baby cries baby

    are being bashed

           kids afraid while,

                        a mercy walk a

                                    tail in the land.


But as people

   Drive the land,

            Tar comes up

                        On the pavements:

                                    Solution arrives,

                                                Canopies fall.


The night speaking

        For night silence,

            Overhead a plane

                        Fly taken people

                                    To the trans stations,

                                                I and many home,

                                                            Been on the taxis.


Maybe the Berlin

       Wall was a part

            Of the Brisbane wall,

                        For as the man

                                    Says bring forth

                                                All these thing

                                                            To a spiritual life,

                                                                        We find all the

                                                                                    Murri power will fly

                                                                                                Over all in all.


Words are heard

            Words are not

                        To be heard

                                    Just danced about

                                                To who this matters,

                                                            All the ones

                                                                        Who are not

                                                                                    The all are

                                                                                                The ones with


                                                                                                            The kids revolution