When . nomination came to you

think of .ones like me         dead

When . no man cheered to come, to crowd

congratulates, think of me          dead

when . certificates. votes your leaders

platform, think of me . dead

even happy jokes upper us spirit thinking of me dead

When throats are cut, tow truck pull

fatherless masters away

    think of me dead

When those are stoned, enriching soil

think of me dead. (decompose of poems)

When cancer reads mankind

            think of me dead

End . tripled drunk . centuries

            In our lands of deads

Think of me . beautifully dead

Ending . deadth in my dried

            chemical body wastes

think of me . dead in shining waters

When . the dreamed . system . subsides

            think of me . dead in shining waters

When the consequence are condemned

            think of what happened to me

When hopeless. bleeks tomorrow

            think of what happen to me

Foreign devotional . trippers came

.filled in dust politics death

            Electric promises by whites + blacks . gave my dead . ones

. suffering

When. Nominations for the Abo of years comes. Think of me

dead ones. coned

When no man fragile poets, think of me dead alavie