Those raged blushed dancing

gave vibe over bodys deep an dark

"Damn neighbors are seducing reputation"

Those past audience are woken to a

            black smile of furiously

Realized voice over grinning

            repeatin mockery are some people's

Remarry precious free minds

two-timing innocent appears

Those eyes of yours gently widened

Those lies of yours private serious

Damn relax in settled at Bapu

heard songs, burst out of peace and quet

Dazedly white esquiste desires

            come's huskily in whispered possessions

Loud ruefully mouths are teased by

            poor worshipped women breasts.

Loud explored black torturous

            personal suction + problems

            will be overer trembling archeds.

Artificacts are our empires rains

Those professional look's and works

            are preserved for actions

Those pro{tantergrity?] steals protests

Those contracted bad puzzled freedom

an't together for the pleasure of life