‘Dear earth why hurt don’t work

Why the thing not meant still happen

As if pies are in the sky

Come over to the bright side were cold

Olds the young age in holders fold.

Come together were all shade off green

Blue’s the mooring after pain gone.

Made by your hand, solitary superficial

Attention beclouds your out coma’s

Do stimulative your pulse toward our road.

All to one and one to all.

Untie theses untied waves

Earth be the push down fade out wrong

You’re in struggle             

           Subdued at the puller component

Belligerent code fisticuffs that cup off

Tea for teases is chase thought

Every darkened demand.

Freeway teeth a distant humming on backloads

Across gathers wanting to feel eucalyptus sunlight greeting.

Cursed commuted composed honourable

Caged society saw fattened offenses.

Govern bind body at crime the mountain   

Weep truth to the integrity for a summit pleasant providence

Confinement never fine folly apology

When exchange anguishes the soul.

Serenity in singular can be

  Grown on any age lines

The harvest vest pasture

In the kitchen

Groans an riddles

When the love will last

The space won’t

Rat the human race

As rage lay about

Open my paper tray when the ray ragged