Old time Old love young world

No face many people are homeless

No lip many speak no sound

Old as no place in present sights

The cloud seen on grounded

  Ready in show cold

Even have I own the turf

No big person at look

The house entry no streets

The trees are not flowering

They hug and seem enjoying

   Blue wall brown the houses were

The white background hides the numbers.

No home was they live. Where’s the livings

Life eyes life lives own.

Play games no wars story fun there

     Every where?



Not a policy but two worlds

Pounded by redemption.

Bohemian modern man

Bashing the ray outer the ground.

The night swear a better day to wear sweet restfully

Roam raw prescribes

Where clans can’t write sanded minds the peoples hearts.

Super visions conduct

Powering the longest sounds unfound.

Democracy passages those

Councils made rich by

Laws dangerously cotted in federally

Extremely revitalization