Remember 200 thousand dreams and the minds balance houses.
    Earth in focus world words around.
Remember to tree in year 3 thousand dreams,
Member those light in side cells life’s death
But always be happy over horror in ways.
Remember day one was no big bang
    But sprang water fire wind.
Remember 2030 will be still dirty
   Road open roads close.
Wise thoughts made real dreams path and raft.
Remember a time city lays tin hut and sharing was one on one another.
Remember protest of glass wearing sore eye spoke persons
They just made it bad on bad.
Remember black men’s being fat off the sea land.
Remember red blood flow the skin veins
Remember yellow high at every moon’s daze,
Up hole young even old when pure histories are tooled,
Up hold needs over wants skinned by ants
Foreseen are cold weathers morning on hot night ties
   Covers by nature’s dressings.
Remember being there done was sometimes
   Fun smiling at pains enduring.
Yet 200 thousand smile laughs those odder kind
Away where seeds lift flowers on earth
   Never returning flames.
Remember the black nights turned white no lights just colour remembers.
Remember the smell dreams of futures
History is importance
Home me those past of rich remembers. 

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