Alternative on trustees with our Australia
Won’t do, won’t do?
Progressive is becoming confusing at times
Absorb an external protest
My and our mates.
Recruitment to blackfella systems
Is punching old equilibriums.
Candidates; experimental
Available college racists
Degrees by not teaching it
In re-evaluating research material
Is bad schools; bad for children
Or splendid and responsive
To keep and ancient drugs training.
Yes; yes. Topics are affiliated by
Counterinsurgency mentality.
Embattled by national educating
Impatient implications.
These are to half our future.
Australia is behind the styles
Australia can be in our styles.
Sharply; the substitute is specific
We have to be
Conventional wine academics.
Look at Aboriginals
Kaleidoscope he’ll tell you
You going exactly the wrong
Disciplinary way.
Restoration we’ve got to aim for
Compulsory and trivial
Feeble and capricious efforts
Australia can create dignity.
Contempt is largely made on our people
Just to worsen it’s up-spirit
Into spirit.
Can you rationalise that?