I opened the door that morning to the horror of society

Sis we gotta pay another $250 to get our brothers coffin

to the Church, we already given all we got


Poems about fire, air in the last hurt as no pains lasting

Every art heart fingers the palms

Every beat seen lasts loves rose


Air found brain cells a blessed in a pleased

            Air toes were sex hairs have ears a pleased

Air poets were sex hairs have ear drops

            Air mouths mountain tamed by the lights

Air rainbows might ants, flys native as shine


Did earth’s romanticizing touch your face

When our noses are same as the air

air forever dare free air

Horror war eyes blink find a air


My race airs million to one over

Jailed pollutive 25 million

Vote no air, vote her air

Vote carbon voices jailed pause applauses

Where raw starves in car tomorrow

Saw lifes light seen

Tomorrows savings lifes lights born

To not intake doors held

By hellings teachings…….


Politics horrored in fire’s wars needs pays

Change in thought on not around

Those surrounded

By per chances not on life’s

Loves no prices.